Oranki Art environmental art exhibitions

Oranki Art environmental art exhibitions in the village of Oranki in the municipality of Pello were started in 2001 by a team of Pekka Syväniemi, Jari Kylli, Sauli Miettunen and Tuomas Korkalo. The exhibition area is a pine-wooded gravel hill on Pekka Syväniemi's home farm. The original idea for the event was to make a good exhibition in the forest and not tell anyone about it. This rebellious opposition to the mainstream of art has since subsided, and for the second year, we sent out press releases.

  Oranki Art ry 

After the working group organised the third exhibition, the group decided to set up an association to facilitate and streamline activities. As a result, Oranki Art Ry is a visual arts association founded by visual artists Pekka Syväniemi, Jari Kylli and Lasse Lassheikki for the Oranki Art environmental art exhibition. The association registered on 13 February 2004. The purpose of Oranki Art Ry is to promote and publicise contemporary art. Furthermore, it encourages interaction between artists and the public and facilitates communication between artists. To achieve this, the association organises annual Oranki Art environmental art exhibitions.

The Oranki Art, environmental art exhibition, is named after the exhibition site. The art exhibition will take place in the village of Oranki in the municipality of Pello. An essential part of the Oranki Art environmental art exhibition is a pre-exhibition workshop where artists prepare their artworks for the event. The exhibition area is a one kilometre long 10-hectare section of private forest in the village of Oranki. The private property allows for artists' comprehensive venue to create artworks on the site.
The Environmental Art Exhibition usually selects eight to ten national and international artists based on applications and an invitation procedure. The interaction between the artists and the many discussions in an artist's workshop is essential in the artist's profession. The aim is also to increase interaction between artists from the North.
A large sculpture park has been created from the works of art preserved in the exhibition area. Over the years, the Oranki Art environmental art exhibitions have developed into a unique, extensive show, open 24 hours a day during the summer. There is no entrance fee.

The collection is expanded each year with new works of art. Most pieces are made of natural materials and are, therefore, temporary. and disappear within a year, while others last for years. Currently Oranki Art has over 100 pieces from previous years.